Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ethiopia - Trip 1

We've now been home for a week and as much as I want to share every detail on here, I have had quite a time processing everything we expereinced and saw. I journaled every detail for us and for "H" which was very therapuetic for in the midst of everything. I've never written so much in my life.

Our H is beyond adorable - He is sweet, smiley, curious, observant, interactive, ticklish... wow, do I miss him terribly but we know that each day is one day closer to returning to bring him home. He had a "Mommy Rocks" bib on for our first meeting =)
 So here are some pictures (not really in chronological order but don't have time to change it) and if you've been on facebook, you've already seen these. We still can't post pictures or his name on public forums but you know I have the real deal with me if you see me and I'm ready to show anyone who wants to see them!

 Father & Son
 We traveled with Josh and Andrea B and God knew we would be perfect travel buddies. We had the best time together and I know we will forever be friends! Here we are at the cultural dinner - ate amazing food, listened to traditional music and watched traditional dances. A wonderful evening out!
 Yummy injera with all the good stuff
 Playing with daddy!
 Around town
 "conjo" - beautiful
 love this one - snapped it while moving through the van window and it just captures a story. 3 generations and look at that smile
 Door out of guest house
 my sleeping angel
 Claire and Eden were READY to have us home (Eden was sleeping in car)
 In traditional outfits we brought back
 Laundry drying at Hannah's hope trasitional home (run by AGCI)

 Hannah's Hope
 Not rare to see wondering livestock - we were told they know where they live and return when they are done roaming. And everyone knows who belongs to who! Much like dogs here
 People and cars everywhere - this is the market Merkato - we didnt go drove by
 The bananas were out of this world!
 As was the coffe "buna" - the best coffee I've ever had no matter where you had it!
 Beautiful woman roasting corn - what a fun evening and experience to meet her!

These are just a few of the highlights:

-buying and delivering a goat to the orphanage H was brought to before Hannah's Hope
-getting locked out of HH and pounding on the gate to get back in
-early morning prayers and chants over the loud speakers
- obviously, meeting H for the first time and seeing him every time after that
-spending time loving on the kids
-shopping and having wonderful conversations and experiences with the people of ETH - they are kind and beautiful
-passing court and hearing the words "He is yours!"
-buying corn
-cultural dinner - food was amazing and experiencing the music and dancing
-cooking dinner with Andrea and Josh and eating in at the guest house while it poured
-shopping at the supermarket - bananas and returning our bottles =)
-trying new foods and liking every single thing we ate
-finding a beautiful painting to hang in our dining area that depicts africa

And the best of all....
Seeing God's fingerprints over every.single.detail. This trip couldn't have been more beautifully orchestrated. Not that there weren't times that things weren't hard or challenging. We had to truly stop and process daily what had happened and what we had seen. Our hearts we full of joy and heavy at the same time. Our lives were forever changed and we continue to praise God for His faithfulness through this journey.

We pray to be back in ETH in 4-6 weeks so please join us as we wait for a US Embassy appointment in ETH to get "H" visa to bring him back home!

(Btw we are keeping his given name and his middle name will be Samuel - H.Samuel Lewis - I like the sound of that!)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful beginning to meeting your baby and sharing your story with others. We are so thankful for the blessings that you bring to H. and to others through your journaling. Love you, Mom

rachel said...

hey kathryn, evie and i were looking at pics from our time in ethiopia and i came over here hoping to see an announcement that you were traveling soon. been thinking of you!